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Posed shots of the bride with her attendants and family may be taken prior to the service as well as the groom with his attendants and family. Shots of the Bride and Groom may be taken after the ceremony. This allows the bride and groom to arrive at the reception in a timely manner. Make a list of all the photos you would like the photographer to take. This is a good chance for those family pictures in your album.

Wedding ceremony

The format that you choose will be determined in large measure by the religious tradition you and your fiancé are observing. Of course, if your wedding does not incorporate a strong religious element, you will have a great deal of latitude when it comes to designing your ceremony. In this case, the only limitations are likely to be your own imagination and the cooperative input of your officiator.

This is a formality, although most couples find it to be a very pleasant one. You will have a good deal of flexibility in setting up your receiving line. Some couples hold it at the wedding site, before the reception itself begins.  Others dispense with it entirely. This is certainly an acceptable option, if you and your fiancé are more comfortable simply circulating at the reception to meet the guest at their tables, you should feel free to do so. Most receiving lines are as follows: bride on the left with bridesmaids and the bride’s family following. Groom on the right with groomsmen and the groom’s family following.

Tips for a Wedding Itinerary

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Use this detailed itinerary for wedding services that can be hosted at The Santa Fe Southwest Grill along with some tips on how to make the wedding a great success! Call us today at 307-389-1188 if you're interested in having your wedding at Santa Fe Southwest Grill.

Receiving line

After the receiving line, it is customary to allow some time for the guests to chat and have a drink or two. This is an excellent time for the photographer to take candid shots.

Mingling and cocktails

Have the host inform the guests that it is time to be seated without making them feel rushed. An organized seating plan can help keep confusion to a minimum. THE BRIDE AND GROOM EAT FIRST. If there is not a seating plan usually start table by table until everyone has received their food.

Guests are seated and food is served

At this time, it is appropriate for the best man to propose a toast to the newlyweds. It should be well-rehearsed, tasteful, meaningful, and concise. Other toasts, such as those made by the fathers, or groom, may also be made at this time. You may wish to purchase glasses for the bride, groom, and perhaps the head table.


It is customary to allow the new couple to take the dance floor before any of the guests, and for this dance to be followed by the bride’s dance with her father. The groom may dance with his mother following the bride and her father. Be sure to select the song you dance with holds meaning for you.

First dance

It is customary for the bride to place her LEFT hand over the groom’s RIGHT hand as the cake is cut; this allows for a nice shot of both rings. Another popular picture is the Bride and Groom feeding the cake to each other.


Note: One approach is to have the bridesmaids serve the cake to your seated guests.  Perhaps you have a special friend or aunt who you would like to help. Remember the cake knife to cut and serve the cake.


When selecting someone to serve cake, it is always best to choose someone who will not lick their fingers.

Cutting the cake

Many brides choose a smaller bouquet to toss allowing the actual bouquet to be preserved.  For the Groom to toss the garter is a crowd pleaser, but don’t do it if it makes you uncomfortable.

Tossing the bouquet and garter

Delectable food!

wedding Photographer wedding-cocktail 1 2

If you plan to make a grand exit, do so after your farewell dance.  It is considered good etiquette for the guest to remain at the reception until the newly weds leave.  If you plan to stay late at the reception, be sure to inform the guests of this, so they feel no obligation to leave after you do.

Farewell Dance